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Friday night is pajama night!

I love Friday nights. I remember a time when I always had to have something to do on a Friday night, otherwise I’d be called a loser for staying home and doing nothing. But now? I can’t wait until I get home from work on Friday afternoons (I try to schedule my 2nd job so I don’t need to come in on Friday), because as soon as I get through the door and dump my crap on the table, I go change into my PJs. LOVE IT.

Anyway this Pajama Friday, I watched Stranger Than Fiction (borrowed from my mom’s friend who has a massive DVD library and lets people borrow whatever they want for free). I love Will Ferrell, but have never watched the movie before because it didn’t look very funny. Have you seen it? I thought it was awesome!!! I mean, it was no masterpiece, but for an attempt at a different kind of role, I thought he did a great job. I was engaged in the storyline the entire time, and I never once thought it was boring.

Too bad the arena job is going to ruin my solo Friday night PJ party. :) Oh well, I’m probably going to switch Pajama night to Wednesday nights, because America’s Next Top Model is on. It’s my guilty pleasure.

$850 for scooter performance parts

This may not sound very frugal of me, and it probably isn’t … but the combined total of servicing my scooter and adding performance parts (70cc kit, chrome muffler, kevlar belt, etc. … it’s a Stage 3 upgrade) was $850. That’s right. $850.

Because I know the head mechanic, I got a break on labour, so I’m mostly just paying for parts. I know it’s an expensive purchase, but by upgrading all of the pieces in the scooter from stock parts, I’ve prolonged the life of my scooter and upped the resale value as well. Plus, most importantly, I’ll feel safer on the road by being able to go the speed of traffic, and it’ll cut down my travel time to and from my jobs pretty drastically. He said that the top speed of my scooter is dependent on a lot of things, but I should be able to reach 90km/hr. easily. That’s fast as hell. Not that I would ever want to go that fast, but since before, I was always full throttle and going 60km, I’ll only be putting half the stress on the scooter now that it’s capable of going faster. And I know he’s not screwing me over because 1) he’s not exactly charging me labour, and 2) he’s a friend.

The BF thinks it’s outrageous to pay that much for performance upgrades, but when I pointed out that $850 is almost the same amount as his truck payments, insurance and gas for one month, that shut him up pretty quickly. :)

And the way I see it is, I’m still ahead of the game by riding my scooter, and it’s still way cheaper than buying a new scooter and having to go through taking the $600 course to get my motorcycle license. It’ll be more fun to ride it now that I’m not stressed about slowing down traffic. Plus, it’s just plain embarrassing to see a whole line of cars stuck behind you, with no room to pass, and no safe places to pull over.

I’m honestly not concerned about the money. I might have to revise my budget and goals for the month, but to me, it’s worth it. I’ve been meaning to do this since I bought the scooter, and now I can’t wait to get back on and go riding!

October Monthly Goals

October 2007 goals:

  • $2,000 towards RRSP loan.
  • $300 towards Travel Fund.
  • $400 towards Emergency Fund.
  • $700 towards Condo Down Payment Fund.
  • $60 dining out budget. I’m slowly inching my way down. Last month I spent $62.66, so hopefully I can spend a little less than that this month. :)
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