Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Only 2.5 months left of 70 hr. work weeks!

Almost halfway there!

I think the worst part about working during irregular business hours, while everyone else works a 9-5, is that I never know what’s going on. I’m never in the loop. I get post-it notes and vague e-mails about assignments, and I never really get to talk to anyone about the work that needs to get done. It’s very frustrating. Also, we just took on a new (HUGE) client, and I’ve been asked to design a boatload of new posters, flyers and pamphlets for them. Working full time for them just isn’t cutting it right now. The scope of the marketing position has gotten so out of control that they’ve rehired the woman whose maternity leave I’m covering, so that we’re both working the same position. Of course, because of her maternity leave, she is restricted to how many hours she’s able to work, but still.

My boss hinted that they might keep me on as a part-time employee once she comes back to full-time in November. There’s just too much stuff to do for just one person alone, especially with the new client.

Also, I never know who’s gone on vacation. So I submitted my time sheet to the secretary on the same day I always submit it (Tuesdays), but when I checked my bank account this morning, I only got paid for 1 week of work! I called the office, and it turns out she was on vacation, and that she had told everyone in last week’s team meeting to submit their timesheets to payroll themselves. ARGGG!!!

It’s a good thing it’s a 3-paycheque month, and it’s also a good thing that I work two jobs, because if this had happened and I was only working one job, I would be demanding they cut me a manual cheque.

Oh well. Stuff like this happens, I guess. At least my next pay cheque will be extra big.

In other work news, my boss is hiring me to tutor him in Macromedia Dreamweaver. I’m only charging him $30/hour (I should be charging about double that), and it won’t take much time – just a few hours here or there, but work is work, and I’ll take as much as I can right now.

Just when I was about to pat myself on the back

Well, you know how I said the only store around my office is an over-priced corner store? Well I forgot to mention that it only sells organic stuff, so it’s even more expensive than a regular over-priced corner store. I went there today to grab a bottle of salad dressing, since I ran out and forgot to bring a new bottle at home – but the only dressing they had was $6.50 a bottle!!! You have got to be kidding me! Well, I bought it anyway, because the bottle was still cheaper than buying a sandwich at the deli, but still … I feel so disgusted with myself. I could have bought 2 ½ bottles of the cheapo Kraft dressing I usually buy, so this new expensive organic dressing better be 2 ½ times better.

Oh, and to top it all off, I’m meeting my co-workers from my part-time job for lunch tomorrow. Since I work evenings and weekends, I never get to see them anymore … but they want to go to deli at the over-priced corner store (they have a patio out behind the store, and it really is quite nice). I don’t mind going tomorrow, since I NEVER get to see them anymore, and we’re going to try to make this lunch a monthly thing, so one day a month to eat out really isn’t that bad. This is the first time I’ll be going out for lunch (where I actually have to pay) since I started this job, and that was 6 weeks ago.

Also, the BF is going fishing on the mainland with his dad for a whole week, starting tomorrow. I’m very jealous. Also, I anticipate myself losing weight while he’s gone. When the only options are 1) eating something super late at night, and 2) just not eating at all, sometimes #2 is the best option. All my friends are also going away for the long weekend, so I fear I’ll be stuck all by my lonesome with nothing to do. Guess it’ll be a good time to get caught up on my work at the part-time job, and have some relaxation time for myself.

J. Crew outerwear sale!

Oh my god, my winter coat search is over. I absolutely fell in love with the new J.Crew lineup, and I was head over heals for this coat. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to buy it (yesterday), they had completely sold out of the red! So I decided to get the black – it’s classic and versatile, and gorgeous. I really wanted to get two winter coats (one dress coat for work, and one casual coat for every day), but there was no way I could afford to buy 2 coats at regular price! I figured maybe I could get a casual coat when they all went on sale in the New Year. Or wait until next season.

During my lunch hour today, I decided to place the order on the black coat. I was going to get it shipped to my cousin in San Francisco. My parents are visiting him in a few weeks, so they could bring it back with them. It was a lot to pay for just one coat, but I’ve had J.Crew coats before when I was in college, and they were wonderfully made. I feel like a classic black coat will be wearable for years and years to come. Plus, if you gamble and wait for them to go on sale, you risk not getting the right colour and size.

BUT THEN, I decided to take a gander and look to see if there was anything good in the sale section of the website … and WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT!?!? They had all of last year’s coats on for 50% off! AND THEY EVEY HAD PETITE SIZES!!! They weren’t there yesterday when I was browsing through the site, so they must have just come out today. Plus, I found a coupon on the internet for free shipping (JCREWU … valid until the end of August). Total score!

So basically for the price of the one coat I was going to buy, I was able to get a more expensive black coat (in wool/cashmere instead of wool/nylon) and a beautiful casual coat, both with the Thinsulate lining (which the original coat didn’t have)!

I am so happy and I feel like I got a really good deal. There were a ton of coats in the sale section (in petite, regular, tall), so if you’re on the lookout for a good winter coat at a great price, you don’t have to wait for this season’s coats go on sale anymore! :)

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