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Going down south tomorrow

I feel a lot of relief about getting the new job, and I am a lot more at ease about spending the money on this trip, and the one to Vancouver next month. I’ll also be able to contribute a lot more into my RRSPs, and I’m going to put $1000 into a GIC with Outlook Financial as soon as I can save that much up. I want to eventually have five 5-year escalator GICs on rotation, so one matures every year. The interest rates are amazing, so I’m excited to invest.

Anyway, at 5:30am tomorrow morning, I’m leaving to go to Seattle. I won’t be back until Monday, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to post during the weekend since the BF took my laptop down with him when he left yesterday morning (we’re meeting down there).

If I don’t get a chance to post, then I hope you all have a great Canada Day long weekend. :)

A new job, and a new future!


I’m so excited and nervous about this change in my life. I’m a little scared to tell my boss, but I’m close with a few of my co-workers, and they said that I have every right to be looking for new jobs. Afterall, this is just a 12 month contract. They said I have to take care of myself, and I shouldn’t let a fantastic opportunity like this one slip away.

My new job starts July 16th. There’s no way my current boss will be able to hire and have me train someone in two weeks before I leave (especially with this being a long weekend) … and the chances of someone picking up a 4 month contract is pretty slim. So I’m going to offer to stay on as a contractor, so I can still do most of the stuff … but I will be working evenings, some weekends, and a lot from home. I don’t want to hang them out to dry, plus it means more cash in my pocket at the end of the day. It would mean working 12 hour days, or 7 days a week for a while, but it’s not for that long.

Thanks everyone for your supportive comments. They really helped me stay calm in such a stressful situation! I know this blog suffered a bit what with me only talking about the job front for about two weeks straight. In fact, my RRS feed dropped from 33 subscribers down to 27, LOL! So all of you who unsubscribed, please come back! :)

Job offer and salary negotiation

Well, my interview for Job #3 was today, and it was honestly the best interview I’ve ever had. They loved me, and I loved them! And about three hours after that interview, they called me up and offered me the position. :)

Here’s the thing: they offered me exactly the salary I was requesting – no negotiating needed … and it’s the same amount I’m currently making. However, Job #4 and Job #1 pay more. Granted I haven’t been offered a position with either of those two organizations yet, but it’s still up in the air. I could still get either of those jobs, but I would have to decline if I took the offer from #3. The difference between salary is only about $2500/year, but that’s enough to make a difference to me in my budget.

So I asked Job #3 to do a salary match. I explained to the woman in HR that I do prefer the atmosphere of #3 better, but in order to make a sound financial decision for the next few years of my life, and in order to decline the other jobs, I would need to be sure I’m making the right choice. I don’t want to appear greedy or that it’s all about the money, but I do know that I would be disappointed if I took Job #3 and then was offered one of the other jobs next week for a higher salary.

I know the worst thing they can do is say no, and I’ll still definitely want to consider taking the job … but I can’t help but think that I should just be happy with what I was offered.

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