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Hoping to increase the cash flow

I have been speaking with someone who might hire me to do some contract work on an on-going basis. It will pay $25/hr, and I’d basically be creating book layouts in Adobe InDesign for offset printing, or digital print-on-demand. The pay isn’t that great as far as contract work goes, but a few of my friends work full-time for a publishing company doing book layouts, and they only make $12-14/hr. Plus, I’m just getting started. Fingers crossed that I get the job!

Last night, I made Texas chicken pizza for dinner. There’s just something about rolling out my own pizza crust that is just so satisfying. I’d much rather spend the time to make my own pizza than get one delivered. It’s not only healthier when I make it at home, but it’s also a lot cheaper.

Today, the BF is going fly fishing while I’m here at work. Hopefully he’ll land a nice fish for us to eat for dinner. We used go to every lake imaginable to fly fish last summer, but I still haven’t bought my fishing license for the year, and I’m not sure if I’m going to. Both the fresh water and salt water licenses aren’t that expensive, and I have all my own gear, but it’s the gas that’s the killer. We love going exploring into the logging roads, and reaching remote fishing/camping locations … but after we buy food, and spend the money on gas, it can get pretty expensive. I’ll leave the fishing to the BF if it means it’ll save me a few hundred dollars in gas this summer.

It’s not what you think, I swear

I bought sunglasses today for $239.45, and I’m going to pay for it out of my Emergency Fund.

Before you go and think I’ve fallen off the frugal wagon, it’s not what you think. I can justify my purchase! I wear glasses pretty much 24/7, so when it gets too sunny out, I’ve been having to wear regular sunglasses … and I’m getting really dizzy and sick walking around with blurry vision. No, I didn’t have to get the fancy Ralph Lauren glasses, but $200 of the cost will be covered by my medical plan, so I figured I might as well get the ones I look best in. Plus, they were 50% off! Once I get the $200 reimbursement, I’ll stick it right back in the EF, and I’ll throw in another $40 just so I’m not cheating myself out of my EF money. And let’s face it, $40 is cheap for a pair of sunglasses as it is, never mind prescription sunglasses.

The BF and I had a coupon for two free lunches, so we hit that up today, and then afterwards we went and watched two IMAX films for free with our annual pass. We had a pretty good Saturday, and the only money we spent was for my sunglasses … well, and for groceries. But that only came to $22 for my share for the week.

It’s so nice out today, so I’m about to go for a walk with my sister, and then come back to watch some NHL playoff action. I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend as well!

May Monthly Goals

This will be a tough month because my part-time job with the hockey team has ended for the season. Today I’m submitting my application for an usher at the arena, but I doubt it’ll bring in the $250-300/month I was making with the hockey team. Granted, that’s not a lot of money either, but it’s more than the $100-$150 I plan to pull in with the ushering job. I still make a comfortable amount with my full-time job to not really need a part-time job when it comes down to it, but every dollar counts!

May 2007 goals:

  • Pay off my Line of Credit. I should be able to do this with my May 8th pay cheque. And then (deep breath) I’ll be D.E.B.T F.R.E.E!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought this day would come.
  • $100 towards RRSP. I changed my mind, and I’m just going to keep contributing $50 bi-weekly. I talked to my Mom about it, and she said I shouldn’t start contributing more until I have a permanent job. Instead, I should put the money into my Emergency Fund because I can always make a lump sum deposit into my RRSP when I’m doing my taxes next year. That seems logical. It also makes me nervous that she’s right – my job situation is so up in the air right now, and my contract at my current job is up in almost 6 months.
  • $500 towards Emergency Fund. I will try as hard as I can to contribute more, because I’m pretty sure I’ll need to come up with the money for that dental work I’ve been talking about. And with this $500, that’ll completely wipe out the EF. :( But it needs to get done.
  • $300 towards Condo Down Payment Fund. Once I’m debt-free, I’m going to pour money into this fund like it’s nobody’s business. But until then, I’m stuck contributing pennies.
  • Find another part-time job. If for some reason I can’t do the ushering thing, then I’ve got to find another part-time job. I don’t know if I’m allowed to be picky, but I’m going to be anyway. I won’t work in a mall, or in a restaurant … and I don’t want to be stressed at all at the job. I really just want a job that will pay me to hang around. That’s why the ushering job is perfect. :) We will see!
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